Workshop prep – critical engagement – fun

Rock the casbah 

Drawing continues using various materials


Subject or starting point demands  

Set the scene as in a play 

Glass & perspex 

Tubes of black and white plastic paint 

With your fingers grip 

With nervousness I wait

We had fun you got 2 for 1 

With Lola and friends 

Digital is not in sight 

Rock the casbah  @conversation group workshop for Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance 


How does how live experience affect our inside and out side world?

What drives us to be creative? 

If you have not got a #childhood photo 

Imagine yourself as you wish 


Find it

In the reality of life there is more space 

Opening up like a box 

Mental space 

Suddenly you find a spare room 

Looking for ways to improve


That’s life working with yourself 

Sometimes there’s little to draw on

We get hungry, peckish looking for nourishment  

mining family

our dad

 Blame it on the boogaloo beat .