It’s a Little Bit Funny 

It’s a little bit funny 

With art there is no rush 

‘Love notes’

The way we were is still the way we are 

You can draw a line but a line can draw you 

The door to improvement is a jar,open it wider

Purple chair red door open to view 

Silence pitter-patter 

It’s a little bit funny with art there is no rush 

With fierce in the foreground looking like basil brush

I like the purple chair

If you wait to blog your mind does fog

Writing is sunshine do it in your own time 

It’s a little bit funny with art there is no rush 

In our expressions we realise who we are only through the effort of expression

Who we are who we are becoming 

Time up 

Leaving the the purple chair 

Green to go 



Love Notes 

Once you get a certain distance into a project it begins to take on a life of its own,talking on momentum you 

have to go with it. By challenging the singularity of art making at the same time enriching my own practice 

growth takes place. “Love Notes” is more than a memory it’s imminent.

I feel happy to be invited into the Epiphany Gallery Wakefield for the May 27th Artwalk. From Cole Porter to Canned Heat blame it on the boogaloo beat, musical notes can stir the soul love notes can melt the heart 

A walk in art is a new walk daily 

Opportunities abound 

Jo puts a face to accounting 

I can be a artistic director be it only for Tuesday’s 11 – 3 from the the ninth of June for five weeks.

I’m putting you in the picture please come to see us the Red door is open

The Epiphany Gallery Wakefield.


Giant pocket

How does our life experience 

Effect our inner and outside world 

What drives us to be creative ?

You do well to ask 

Everything absolutely everything baby.

Is it just knowing you can create something

someone else can.

Back ground nature to nurture 

Those ” same it” games as children we shared 






 Pockets of thoughts inside our head 

Stacking up 

Filling that giant pocket.

Holbeck at night

Holbeck at night
it’s a wonderful sight
looking for dark arches
it’s left park up
be quick holding up the show
kids in a new hiding place
spirits soar a firm response
I choose the oar
hot water bottles blankets it’s cold
wine flows a pound a slug
ruby ruby ruby mac when will you be back
A firm of poets
Holbeck at night


Red Purse 

Experiment try new materials
new techniques, new goals.

We know
there’s fun in asking questions
if you stop it’s the end of the game
seeing beyond the day.

The un created
ideas positive chain reactions
life as a rhythm but we run out of time
hear the beat keep it simple
In a short tweet.

For better or worse
your in my red purse
because it was worse to be without you baby.



Things Change

Things change

There is something you can change
your outlook on the situation
learning to accept what you cannot change
view more positive
looking for ways to cope
rather than drastic means to end it
you start to take a measure of
control of what seems to be an uncontrollable situation
The common cold of the mind
anyone can get it
it can be treated
things change.



The time 12-30 the place Wakefield strolling down Westgate with my Dad “time waits for nobody”
Into the jewellers’ to repair that watch. Oh hell what’s that funny voice in poet form Dad
just laughed .Never forget 1John4-8 1John4-8 “God is Love ” “God is Love” , parrot Jewell’s and Dad.

Is it nuggets of nonsense
Or just a big think on
Somehow sensing
what is inside.
Is it nuggets of nonsense
or a glimmer of light
If it makes you feel better it’s probably right.




Our Dad he worked the coal face in more ways then one ,he loved us all in different ways . Coaxing the form out of the darkness needles fingers and oils.An urgency spurred me on the more I focused the less I was aware of what was going on around me the out come unknown.The tool kit there invisible in plain sight if you can be a self starter talent channels itself into other directions .Motivation to create what you want is reward enough but a tattered tenner or twenty occasionally will assure us our ideas have value. Self motivation…involves focusing the good things that happen to us make a list and reflect harnessing the power from within that’s constructive.



Nostalgia Studio and Space

When the future looks unattractive we spend more time thinking of the past.You my have prospered emotionally there’s no guarantee will that continue ? we have to take charge now.I’m in a different place from we’re I started vital art development 6days 6 weeks none stop into a studio lone but not lonely the year went by fast.A painter is like a traveller with every first step finding new ways unable to stop left or is it right .A clear line without clutter absorbing the cost along the way ,we lean in and slow down .Bring past experience to bare art is as varied as our needs innate power drawing us in if we are not care full takes over concentration to isolation.
The most important the ones closest are the ones that help us the most
quiet ways my gal Maxine and David .

Constructive development we calculated the cost after – rent/ petrol/ parking/ food and drink though I recall losing weight went through two grand a tool at the right time. Use influence from the past does not fit into the present you’ve got to find a better way of working .I’m not interested that much in nostalgia I’m part of it the gentle annoyance.

Nostalgia is not what it used to be

Dashboard but not fingerboard word press to a new page
New links oh no I have to make sure it’s embed in blue.

Conscious thoughts edit for me

We pummel ourselves we think we’re broken
That’s were I want to be.

Don’t hide inside others to be seen
The world it’s good with that
Someone asked me “what is your practice ?
Its part of the process of change you see.

Concepts inherent in everyday materials life
we pull out help from inside
but at the same time it legs us up
That’s how it is .