Love Notes

Emotional memories escape
Get them back
Value them
Showing people round
Roller coaster
Changing the way you think
Let’s talk of our life…Loves schemes .

To the studio I go
On a Wednesday just like before
Remember slow speed / higher power
400/15 setting for success
Power on, there’s no light its out
One sheet does plenty
Broken pieces still to cut.
“Jills got some perspex& she wants it painted black
No other shade will do she wants it painted black
It’s her last piece of perspex which she painted black”


With patience the sculptor works with his bare hands, he shapes the earth.
The poet with words we can not say but desperate to share our poets pave the way.
An actor must see someone else in the mirror we have to make sure it is us we see.
Why is the artist never afraid to dirty her hands with the ordinary materials
about her?
Why is the artist able to plod along unromantically with his clay or her textiles or her blue prints ?
The musician warms the instrument to you
music transfers the deepest of emotions he speaks
Freedom of spontaneity
Invigorating us and the beholder
Is there not always joy.