It’s a Little Bit Funny 

It’s a little bit funny 

With art there is no rush 

‘Love notes’

The way we were is still the way we are 

You can draw a line but a line can draw you 

The door to improvement is a jar,open it wider

Purple chair red door open to view 

Silence pitter-patter 

It’s a little bit funny with art there is no rush 

With fierce in the foreground looking like basil brush

I like the purple chair

If you wait to blog your mind does fog

Writing is sunshine do it in your own time 

It’s a little bit funny with art there is no rush 

In our expressions we realise who we are only through the effort of expression

Who we are who we are becoming 

Time up 

Leaving the the purple chair 

Green to go 



Acrylic Laser Cut Process

Our challenges are digitally disguised
Go too it baby you can do it
Let digit Al be your pal
Rewriting real writing
It’s changing the way I think
Digital does not have it
Emotion that is
It’s right in itself.
From the wheel to the web

Sash window pane a rattling

Yes we’ve “laser cut” in the workshop

Got cast acrylic pain

It don’t seem to be working

We know it’s not in vain.


Challenging Ourselves

Not as cold as Norway

But you could see your breath

“Rhubarb” she said were off to the pub

Pulling it out of yourself

Red acrylic spreads like butter

Yellow follows

Darkest of umber

Red purple blue


Vibrates with emotion I hear it said

Something new for the exhibition stimulates new ideas

The space itself the canvas 

Like an unfinished memory


Get It

Sometimes there’s little to draw on
We get hungry
Looking for nourishment
Waiting for wages
That will never come
“I’ve paid myself”
With a little help.
We feel we know the way it is for you
Though we don’t speak your language entirely
Creating sound shapes
Brittle squishy we’re all a little wishy
Lots of different things
Life you can stop and start when you like
Can’t help it got to do it
Get It.

Jelly tot

Jelly tot

Holbeck at night

Holbeck at night
it’s a wonderful sight
looking for dark arches
it’s left park up
be quick holding up the show
kids in a new hiding place
spirits soar a firm response
I choose the oar
hot water bottles blankets it’s cold
wine flows a pound a slug
ruby ruby ruby mac when will you be back
A firm of poets
Holbeck at night


A Space between Us

Love chemistry music and poem !

Funny maybe it was
negatives on the brain
with speed I got the main
I got you
mellow bass tones interpret moods,
4 strings resonate
a series of notes
chosen “spontaneity ”
trying to make things fit.
you loved me then
you love me
the viewer can see the objective
a means to an end
art evoke emotion
trying to make things fit
love in the spirt of fire.

if we knew what it was
it wouldn’t be what it is
don’t change it
just know it works
when you get something special
it’s not just something that will do
it transcends the ordinary
your hoping it is always going to get somewhere
trying to understand it
cos love is
the greatest



What’s a PechaKucka ?
20×20 quick fire
Inner workings of your mind
passion and all that.
60s slides kodak too
unseen since a teen 
Digital (childhood positive happy memories in side my head). A poem my cyber punk bass player interprets moods interactive
I recall conscious thought taking over my bass player joined me there.
We gave of ourselves that night what a release ..interactive performance.Hepworth Wakefield ’12 

Prized Possessions 2012

A well deserved smile of achievment after passing a nerve racking driving test  

 A new adventure opened up the family journey began 
It took a while to figure it out pitching that tent but we did it a big benefit to all  

including little digger “a house that moves”.
We learned many skills mum & dad taught us sitting quiet in the car,the tent stayed up but the children didn’t.
Feeling the space a new appreciation for the out doors wet pants no loo in sight.
Everything but the kitchen sink unpacked from the trailer,table tennis 
waiting to have a ride on Barney.He’s  just a pony perfectly happy to stand there while I worry he might bite us,the real work goes on behind us done by mum and dad. 


Older sister with a new timex watch sensed that I had to keep a eye
on the younger ones.Time passes so quickly as this slide shows Wendy the youngest 

plays the guitar “dad had an eye for a bargin. Finding an attraction a mini village
made of cardboard makes a little boy feel big” can we make one”

Seeing not a surfer in sight sheer power of the waves -clean busy water,
dares us to go a little further out we resist its invitation.  Chilled but safe tough days ahead
all together again sharing with a friend chat before bedtime. Card board a steep hill
fairground rides for free ,kids together boulder stone we claimed.  At last the top not another
“scar fell pike” in our minds we are reaching higher.  Childhood thoughts are back again
with pictures that remind us when our love affair with life began. 


Things Change

Things change

There is something you can change
your outlook on the situation
learning to accept what you cannot change
view more positive
looking for ways to cope
rather than drastic means to end it
you start to take a measure of
control of what seems to be an uncontrollable situation
The common cold of the mind
anyone can get it
it can be treated
things change.


Wendy’s Sister

Wendy’s Sister

Five years gone by dear sister
all you had left was your faith
steel like qualities built up to help us cope teaching us.

The prayers of many have much force
when directed to life’s source
though we walk with feet of clay we were not meant to be this way.
Much help is there for us to find
locked up in God and Jesus’ mind.

Life gets us down can’t do any thing without it
northern gals is what we are
a roller coaster life it’s small that’s all
Got to risk the downs gather speed get up the other side
moving working with what we have and know
while searching.
I’ve got over myself
It took time
learning while we act.
I close my eyes and open my secret window
knowing what’s there
changing times and consistent truth
I see a paradise with you I’ll be there.