When is an etch a sketch
      Process priceless
      Without it
      Life is spice less
      Working with the dust
      Simple tools eye to hand

      Plastic paint

      With every fine brush stroke I must be aware of the final result

      I work with a small section at a time this technique does not gallop across a slate .

      Orange,cerulean blue black and white the colours just right

      Shades of grey the aftermath of a great day.

      With each step of the process the painter sees values emerge

      always learning to change those values as we paint 

      Unfolding a surprise for him a challenge for me 

      Working with the Stars not the Wars 



      Behind the scenes terrified of not going out there .Backstage the actress must see someone else in the mirror we have to make sure it is us we see.
      Possibilities inherent in the everyday materials of life slate image formed out of the darkness while in a studio space in Rotherham Southyorkshire
      the studio door shut the smell of paint gone.