Challenging Ourselves

Not as cold as Norway

But you could see your breath

“Rhubarb” she said were off to the pub

Pulling it out of yourself

Red acrylic spreads like butter

Yellow follows

Darkest of umber

Red purple blue


Vibrates with emotion I hear it said

Something new for the exhibition stimulates new ideas

The space itself the canvas 

Like an unfinished memory



I did not need provocation

Nor pictures in a book

The white wall was before me

Shadow sketching look

Already there was something

My fear of doing nothing formed into shape

In an undertone I get the main

Then quiet

Suddenly like a bolt out of the blue

Music flooded in and ebbed away.image

Learning to see



If growth is taking place then something is working right
Keeping moving but still going over the same ground
Then it wains
Millions of little factories at work
We know very little about
Got to appreciate the ability
To think
Let your mind roam free
I am is the place be.

Nostalgia Studio and Space

When the future looks unattractive we spend more time thinking of the past.You my have prospered emotionally there’s no guarantee will that continue ? we have to take charge now.I’m in a different place from we’re I started vital art development 6days 6 weeks none stop into a studio lone but not lonely the year went by fast.A painter is like a traveller with every first step finding new ways unable to stop left or is it right .A clear line without clutter absorbing the cost along the way ,we lean in and slow down .Bring past experience to bare art is as varied as our needs innate power drawing us in if we are not care full takes over concentration to isolation.
The most important the ones closest are the ones that help us the most
quiet ways my gal Maxine and David .

Constructive development we calculated the cost after – rent/ petrol/ parking/ food and drink though I recall losing weight went through two grand a tool at the right time. Use influence from the past does not fit into the present you’ve got to find a better way of working .I’m not interested that much in nostalgia I’m part of it the gentle annoyance.

Nostalgia is not what it used to be

Dashboard but not fingerboard word press to a new page
New links oh no I have to make sure it’s embed in blue.

Conscious thoughts edit for me

We pummel ourselves we think we’re broken
That’s were I want to be.

Don’t hide inside others to be seen
The world it’s good with that
Someone asked me “what is your practice ?
Its part of the process of change you see.

Concepts inherent in everyday materials life
we pull out help from inside
but at the same time it legs us up
That’s how it is .