Love Notes 

Once you get a certain distance into a project it begins to take on a life of its own,talking on momentum you 

have to go with it. By challenging the singularity of art making at the same time enriching my own practice 

growth takes place. “Love Notes” is more than a memory it’s imminent.

I feel happy to be invited into the Epiphany Gallery Wakefield for the May 27th Artwalk. From Cole Porter to Canned Heat blame it on the boogaloo beat, musical notes can stir the soul love notes can melt the heart 

A walk in art is a new walk daily 

Opportunities abound 

Jo puts a face to accounting 

I can be a artistic director be it only for Tuesday’s 11 – 3 from the the ninth of June for five weeks.

I’m putting you in the picture please come to see us the Red door is open

The Epiphany Gallery Wakefield.


Giant pocket

How does our life experience 

Effect our inner and outside world 

What drives us to be creative ?

You do well to ask 

Everything absolutely everything baby.

Is it just knowing you can create something

someone else can.

Back ground nature to nurture 

Those ” same it” games as children we shared 






 Pockets of thoughts inside our head 

Stacking up 

Filling that giant pocket.

Creative Wiring

Red light on

Yellow dark

Blue notes 

Flick switch 

Love notes 

Pockets of thoughts string together 

Words from the heart have morphed into art 

They come back round to you 

Find a wall then install.

A good use of blue

Colours warm the music to you 

Funk snap shot jazz notes 

Mars violet

Colours to imbue 

Red pulse. 


Window dressing 

No messing 

A chance to challenge the singularity of art making 

My acrylic laser cut process 

Creative wiring.

Acrylic Laser Cut Process

Our challenges are digitally disguised
Go too it baby you can do it
Let digit Al be your pal
Rewriting real writing
It’s changing the way I think
Digital does not have it
Emotion that is
It’s right in itself.
From the wheel to the web

Sash window pane a rattling

Yes we’ve “laser cut” in the workshop

Got cast acrylic pain

It don’t seem to be working

We know it’s not in vain.



What’s a PechaKucka ?
20×20 quick fire
Inner workings of your mind
passion and all that.
60s slides kodak too
unseen since a teen 
Digital (childhood positive happy memories in side my head). A poem my cyber punk bass player interprets moods interactive
I recall conscious thought taking over my bass player joined me there.
We gave of ourselves that night what a release ..interactive performance.Hepworth Wakefield ’12 

Prized Possessions 2012

A well deserved smile of achievment after passing a nerve racking driving test  

 A new adventure opened up the family journey began 
It took a while to figure it out pitching that tent but we did it a big benefit to all  

including little digger “a house that moves”.
We learned many skills mum & dad taught us sitting quiet in the car,the tent stayed up but the children didn’t.
Feeling the space a new appreciation for the out doors wet pants no loo in sight.
Everything but the kitchen sink unpacked from the trailer,table tennis 
waiting to have a ride on Barney.He’s  just a pony perfectly happy to stand there while I worry he might bite us,the real work goes on behind us done by mum and dad. 


Older sister with a new timex watch sensed that I had to keep a eye
on the younger ones.Time passes so quickly as this slide shows Wendy the youngest 

plays the guitar “dad had an eye for a bargin. Finding an attraction a mini village
made of cardboard makes a little boy feel big” can we make one”

Seeing not a surfer in sight sheer power of the waves -clean busy water,
dares us to go a little further out we resist its invitation.  Chilled but safe tough days ahead
all together again sharing with a friend chat before bedtime. Card board a steep hill
fairground rides for free ,kids together boulder stone we claimed.  At last the top not another
“scar fell pike” in our minds we are reaching higher.  Childhood thoughts are back again
with pictures that remind us when our love affair with life began.