Love notes in a tin

Though the subject vague Jo put a face to counting

Stop reflect think

You might change what your going to do next
Pex appeal what’s the next appeal

I wish I was more like you

You like me because I’m me

“Documenting Madness”

Scan to print and on electronic tablet

Nothing is exactly the same always evolving

Make a conscious effort to way things used to be

Photo shoot image trace & vectorise / black white to software

We got laser in the workshop 3ml Perspex pane
Get those love notes into the light
Nothing is worth anything if it’s easy
Sheet one 16 notes that’s how it’s going to be
Take heart press start
Bring those notes into laser light.
Black engraving Green to cut
Settings for success
Love notes in a tin


Challenging Ourselves

Not as cold as Norway

But you could see your breath

“Rhubarb” she said were off to the pub

Pulling it out of yourself

Red acrylic spreads like butter

Yellow follows

Darkest of umber

Red purple blue


Vibrates with emotion I hear it said

Something new for the exhibition stimulates new ideas

The space itself the canvas 

Like an unfinished memory



I did not need provocation

Nor pictures in a book

The white wall was before me

Shadow sketching look

Already there was something

My fear of doing nothing formed into shape

In an undertone I get the main

Then quiet

Suddenly like a bolt out of the blue

Music flooded in and ebbed away.image

Popped up memory

Popped up memory

Popped up memory

Pastel popping Mama

Pastel popping Mama

She traced the building
With her finger
“It’s Wood Street”
Then she cried.
She danced there on D day.

Stroke Survivor

Tough and gritty feeling thwarted

Laying on her bed

What you been up to pastel popper?

With sunlight in her bouffant

Thought and intention spilled out

From chalky depths

Colour memory

Colour memory


Jill presents a nostalgic image of herself and her sisters in their early years. This reflection on a childhood memory allowed Jill to work through trauma caused by the loss of her sister to cancer. The process of applying acrylic and oils on slate experimenting with laying is addictive in its quality. This intensive approach acted as a therapy. In using monochrome palette Jill believes a greater connection is made with the viewer and reflects the nostalgic feelings being explored.

Vintage #slate from #Wales … Coalface connections my hard working dad


Prep slate,plastic paint and glasses let’s not leave the brushes behind ,cut perpex palette draw out the form from the darkness .