It’s a Little Bit Funny 

It’s a little bit funny 

With art there is no rush 

‘Love notes’

The way we were is still the way we are 

You can draw a line but a line can draw you 

The door to improvement is a jar,open it wider

Purple chair red door open to view 

Silence pitter-patter 

It’s a little bit funny with art there is no rush 

With fierce in the foreground looking like basil brush

I like the purple chair

If you wait to blog your mind does fog

Writing is sunshine do it in your own time 

It’s a little bit funny with art there is no rush 

In our expressions we realise who we are only through the effort of expression

Who we are who we are becoming 

Time up 

Leaving the the purple chair 

Green to go 



Giant pocket

How does our life experience 

Effect our inner and outside world 

What drives us to be creative ?

You do well to ask 

Everything absolutely everything baby.

Is it just knowing you can create something

someone else can.

Back ground nature to nurture 

Those ” same it” games as children we shared 






 Pockets of thoughts inside our head 

Stacking up 

Filling that giant pocket.

Yorkshire Heritage

Sat in front of the Yorkshire range
Hills of coke
Flames beyond
To warm us
A flame for us to look at
I bought you a flame
Which describes true loves fame
To warm us as we walk love’s lane.

I like to draw on what is handy
My heart like yours would melt
As tender love is felt
To keep you warm is my desire
So, here’s some fuel for the fire.
Black powder from smoke
I like to scrape the soot from the fire back
With you sat in front of our Yorkshire range.






      When is an etch a sketch
      Process priceless
      Without it
      Life is spice less
      Working with the dust
      Simple tools eye to hand

      Plastic paint

      With every fine brush stroke I must be aware of the final result

      I work with a small section at a time this technique does not gallop across a slate .

      Orange,cerulean blue black and white the colours just right

      Shades of grey the aftermath of a great day.

      With each step of the process the painter sees values emerge

      always learning to change those values as we paint 

      Unfolding a surprise for him a challenge for me 

      Working with the Stars not the Wars 


      Acrylic Laser Cut Process

      Our challenges are digitally disguised
      Go too it baby you can do it
      Let digit Al be your pal
      Rewriting real writing
      It’s changing the way I think
      Digital does not have it
      Emotion that is
      It’s right in itself.
      From the wheel to the web

      Sash window pane a rattling

      Yes we’ve “laser cut” in the workshop

      Got cast acrylic pain

      It don’t seem to be working

      We know it’s not in vain.