Creative Wiring

Red light on

Yellow dark

Blue notes 

Flick switch 

Love notes 

Pockets of thoughts string together 

Words from the heart have morphed into art 

They come back round to you 

Find a wall then install.

A good use of blue

Colours warm the music to you 

Funk snap shot jazz notes 

Mars violet

Colours to imbue 

Red pulse. 


Window dressing 

No messing 

A chance to challenge the singularity of art making 

My acrylic laser cut process 

Creative wiring.

Love Notes

Emotional memories escape
Get them back
Value them
Showing people round
Roller coaster
Changing the way you think
Let’s talk of our life…Loves schemes .

To the studio I go
On a Wednesday just like before
Remember slow speed / higher power
400/15 setting for success
Power on, there’s no light its out
One sheet does plenty
Broken pieces still to cut.
“Jills got some perspex& she wants it painted black
No other shade will do she wants it painted black
It’s her last piece of perspex which she painted black”

Yorkshire Heritage

Sat in front of the Yorkshire range
Hills of coke
Flames beyond
To warm us
A flame for us to look at
I bought you a flame
Which describes true loves fame
To warm us as we walk love’s lane.

I like to draw on what is handy
My heart like yours would melt
As tender love is felt
To keep you warm is my desire
So, here’s some fuel for the fire.
Black powder from smoke
I like to scrape the soot from the fire back
With you sat in front of our Yorkshire range.





Acrylic Laser Cut Process

Our challenges are digitally disguised
Go too it baby you can do it
Let digit Al be your pal
Rewriting real writing
It’s changing the way I think
Digital does not have it
Emotion that is
It’s right in itself.
From the wheel to the web

Sash window pane a rattling

Yes we’ve “laser cut” in the workshop

Got cast acrylic pain

It don’t seem to be working

We know it’s not in vain.


Challenging Ourselves

Not as cold as Norway

But you could see your breath

“Rhubarb” she said were off to the pub

Pulling it out of yourself

Red acrylic spreads like butter

Yellow follows

Darkest of umber

Red purple blue


Vibrates with emotion I hear it said

Something new for the exhibition stimulates new ideas

The space itself the canvas 

Like an unfinished memory


Popped up memory

Popped up memory

Popped up memory

Pastel popping Mama

Pastel popping Mama

She traced the building
With her finger
“It’s Wood Street”
Then she cried.
She danced there on D day.

Stroke Survivor

Tough and gritty feeling thwarted

Laying on her bed

What you been up to pastel popper?

With sunlight in her bouffant

Thought and intention spilled out

From chalky depths

Colour memory

Colour memory

Learning to see



If growth is taking place then something is working right
Keeping moving but still going over the same ground
Then it wains
Millions of little factories at work
We know very little about
Got to appreciate the ability
To think
Let your mind roam free
I am is the place be.