A funny title ..Mental Defence Mechanism

For me writing down thoughts help to clarify and control thinking; can try to come up with a new positive
To replace the negative one we are fighting.I’m happier if I look forward in life not back we grieve over what was lost.
I needed solitude the studio filled that need being absorbed trying to find that something ,we shape the paint without much fuss
Never realising it is shaping us. Countless coffee and kindly made cups of tea in china cups with few friends the artist journey never ends.  Something was happening I was getting the ability to focus dwelling upon it I was less aware of what was going on a round me.
Is it selfish? most things are ..we have a right to develop its part of the human condition people contain all possibilities.
We have only ourselves to work with; get going we need to grab fear.
Personal value drive can not be under estimated it’s all we have got the “skills” will follow on.  I was broken and mended by the love glue that’s another story.
Concentration.. on one thing and missing another ,impressions we don’t like we try to replace them.  Theres true progress to be made sieve out the rubbish pan for gold.
The things that hurt fade the most help comes from those closer to you.

“Thoughts after filming”. (Poly vision / The Arthouse )

Trying to make everything right for us it’s got to appear simpler
everybody you depend on is in short amounts of time .
Looking closer at us reveals flaws were expecting to look or sound different
Trying to make everything right for us.

Whatever you’ve been capable of or working at
six months or 30 years it’s value maybe decided
in two mins,
That’s were the pressure is
trying to make it right for us.

We think we look strange in a mirror
even stranger on a building
observing the mechanic
a montage,
trying to make it right for us.

There’s an other story every thing connects you see
“When I think of you my spirits soar
when were home behind the kitchen door
the door to my heart you did see
opened it with sweet loves key”
“I love you ” the more” as my faults
you ignore”

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