The eye sees 

Look over my shoulder 

Leave  plastic paint behind 

Zinc white on  last nights dinner plate 

Oils that clash Prussian blue alizarin  burnt sienna too 

Raw umber mix casts a shadow around you 

Faceless but not for long 


Paint  with passion and panache!   

You know he just stares back 

Shadow and light with raw umber drawing out the features from the darkness 

Not allowing it to dry, burnt sienna zinc white 

Faded last weeks sun tan 

Hints of tints mixing , watch those colours cool dowm 



It feels good to paint again …

She will have to wait 

The difference losing white,deepening alizarin,burnt umber new to me 

She’s soft new palettes 

Yesterday’s plate 

Using oils left over 

Tacky but true

First you’ve got to have heart 

Youth that’s when the grin should start 

Your seats are waiting 

The opera begins 

 Time for tea …oil dries fast 
Dry brush , tech stuff floods in and takes over ..
Starting to feel a bit drained 

The more I focus the less aware I am of what’s going on around me 

It touches our inside world 

Mind relax 

we’re not finished yet folks 


Faceless but not for long 

Happiness who can define it , a pleasure to paint

Away away from the mundane for me