Big Mellow Yellow

I painted on slate and put em in a exhibition 

Unity works got music and poems to listen 

Don’t it always seem to go that the artist’s work is there till its gone 

So please come along, make it a swinging hot spot
Unity works        Artwalking  jive talking             


Working with the rustic graininess 


Form from the darkness 

Light shimmering effects 

Connects to our coal mining heritage

Slate whispers 

  ‘Hey good looking’

#art #jillabbottgreen #colorislife 


‘Walking in Westgate’

On to King Street passing Merchant Gate 

Walking in Westgate 

If I hurry up I won’t be late 

Folks have many problems and worries on their minds 

But by being creative refreshment you will find

Walking in Westgate.
(Musical influence by bass man David)

Emerging out of the Blues 

With her black lacquered Bob

Flapper girl 

All that Jazz 

Capture silver screen romance.                    


         Unity Works    Artwalk 31st May 2017 


Silver screen romance

I paint when the daylight rests on the wall 

Form out of darkness 

Stepping out into the light

Each one stands alone 

They call her sexy

Called her jazz 

Party girl

Silver screen romance 

 #mixedmediapainting #doitfortheprocess #originalart #grateful #love #whyblue #whypurple #silverscreen #womanonslate 


The weight that entangles us

   That’s a weight off my slate

                               Gorilla in the mist 

                               I haven’t got a glue 

                               It’s a little bit funny 

                              Why white?

                               Emulsion ready chips 

                               Pull out the drop leaf 

                               Kitchen table can take it 

                                Gorilla in the mist 

                                 Do it for the process

Getting anxious 

Fire wood sorted anyway 

Dads words come mind ” you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”

No that’s negative 

You can do it 











#Gorillaglue #doitfortheprocess #grateful #builderbase #fun