Those shades of white 

A cigarette a light 

Each one just one on its own 

For someone else who wants to aquire it 

Form from the darkness

Free hand 

Layering brings freedom

Changing medium let it dry 

Is it gorilla in the mist 

I haven’t got a glue 

That’s a weight of the slate 

At last exhibition ready 

The detail starts to emerge Audrey Hepburn 

everything Aurdrey


Slate whispers 

Snap shot in time 

An exercise in detail

Home styling 

             Why purple ?

                                                       We do it for the process

                                                       On rustic graininess 

                                                        Light shimmering 


                                                         Layering the detail out 

                                                                     Why purple when she looks good in red                                                                 

Louise Brooks 

Slate whispers 

My exploration into form out of the darkness 

Flappers girls 

Black and white films 

And all that jazz 

Brooks with her black lacquer bob 

A natural for the quasi-wanton flapper role 

Just battered those eyelashes 

Formed from the darkness in to the light.