Creativity Poetry an all

Seeing in colour is a bonus it gives us over and above what we need to survive , no price tag , free to you . Using our ” mind stretch set” creativity a tool of the mind relax the brain at the end of the day it’s got to have value to you .No path determined in advance no distance laid down.The routine of existence can be transformed like all art reaching in to corners and catching us of guard .Life as a funny way of catching up use it to move forward.We take the pressure and make it work.So in art ,whether your process belong or short the tedium or on the spot drawings a surge of creativity we see what the end or goal will be .Lets celebrate our own creativity innate creative power.
The time 6-30 the place The Calder a first for them and me too the scene was carefully set an installation in its self,engines concrete and bench .Instinctively I chose a spot with simple tools to hand grubby pieces of conte pencils came free, choosing her stance she activated the scene.My fear off doing nothing turned into shape ,the more I focused the less I noticed what was going on around me .Can you see it ? The Bret Domino effect individuals require taking risks the out come is at sometimes unknown.Yes it’s good to keep going we determine the rate pushing and pulling ourselves in out of isolation .
If we can see a path way then we’re getting qualified you can’t make it more then what it is . I know where I’ve come from I can only go from where I am .

Carter Street (Wakefield)
Handy Pandy who’s pulling his strings
his real they cried out in alarm
the doll green hair stood on end
dragged to school at a frantic pace
barely time to count the flags of hopscotch days gone by.
School door shut were out of time – never a smile from Miss
“It’s them Abbotts” late again.
Time tables dinner tables shoved around
how those wards in sound we spell while waiting for the bell.

Stroke Survivor poem
My Mam
Tough and gritty
Feeling thwarted
Lying on her bed
Now got visitors
Hunger strike aborted.
It’s my nerves she said
With sun light in her bouffant .
What you been up to pastel popper ?
Working textured fragile shades watch
To the side red overlap blue finger blend
Lavender violet & pink too
I use your fine liner pen
It’s hidden in a box
Your hand is steady mam and numbers
Oh…The Tetley Pub Hunt ’84
Best beer brewer of them all .
Mam’s got a brand new bag
“My stroke has gone”
Brain-relax my pastel popper Mam.
Brain-relax my pastel popper Mam.
” my shoulder won’t go where I want it to”
sail away lady we got you out of your 10 pound
dressing gown
new shoes on you get a lift
off the rails keep walking
hairdo Wednesday
pastels sandpaper and brown paper